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With your access to Outsourcing Mastery, you’ve got the strategies to Outsource your online marketing business and that’s going to help you to increase profit and productivity fast. 
Whether you’re completely new, or an intermediate to advanced marketer you have the exact strategy to Outsource your business.
But strategy only gets you so far. The leads, sales and profits only come once you’re able to consistently and profitably Outsource the tasks that push your business forward.
Sadly, that’s where a lot of people struggle.
They access the training, they absorb the concepts …
But get stuck APPLYING the methods themselves.

So all the great intentions translate into zero results. Been there, done that …
From Broke To
7 Figure Marketer
In the early days, I thought I had it ALL figured out.
I’d spend my weekends slaving away working on my business. I’d create the products, I’d create the pages, find affiliates, generate the traffic, support customers and run on next to no sleep half of the week.
I believed that I should 10X my business
Work Harder
Never give up never stop learning
What went wrong?
Even though I was making progress, I was learning my business was slow. I wasn’t making enough money for the amount of time I was constantly working and other parts of my life were suffering.

I was bordering on burning out and I wasn’t even making close to the profits I needed to be making.

Doing everything myself in my business wasn’t just meaning I was sacrificing valuable time to enjoy live…

It was actually costing me THOUSANDS and slowing down my progress. By trying to do everything myself without help I was like a mouse running on a treadmill.

That is until one day I stopped and after waking up to how working hard by myself was actually stunting my businesses growth I made the decision to give Outsourcing a try.
I never looked back. Since I started using Outsourcing effectively, I’ve become a 7 figure marketer on JVZoo.
All with a simple blueprint 
that saves time while increasing profits using an automated strategy 
I call ‘Outsourcing Mastery’.
Copy & Paste - Your Solution To Passive Profits
Once you successfully apply Outsourcing to your online marketing promotions and launches, you save time and make far more money:
You’re working 4 hours a day right now? Cut it down to less than 1 
Get much more done
in less time
Fast Track your business without
any of the heavy lifting
Outsourcing is a universal profit principle. It works in all markets and all niches. It can literally save your financial future … and it’s the driving force behind the highest earning marketers.

You can automate promotion of other people’s products as an affiliate.
You can automate the creation and sales of your own products.

But you’ll only see the BIG dollars when you’re able to PROPERLY automate your business with the help of skilled workers ready to work for as little as $2 per hour.

Outsourcers are great because they are already trained and can have an immediate impact in your business:
Higher sales.
More free traffic.
Long term customers.
Increased profits - completely passively - in LESS time.
I am 100% committed to your success. And I’m here to tell you that  there’s nothing MORE important to your success than actually APPLYING Outsourcing to your marketing strategy.

That’s why we want to show you LIVE AND IN PERSON how to completely automate your online strategy.

So you’ll never struggle putting these winning methods into use.
And you’ll be able to get ALL the benefits of hands-free profits in the least amount of time.
The Ultimate
Automated Profit Shortcut
Face it … even with the proven strategies you already have access to …
Outsourcing your business WILL take time and effort.

So what if we did all the heavy lifting FOR you? 

By PERSONALLY walking you thru the process … you’ll completely automate your chosen online strategy and in a FRACTION of the time.

Well that’s EXACTLY what we’re offering here. You’re about to see how our team of specialists can work WITH you to make you more sales on autopilot.
Laptop Startup
Outsourcing Mastery LIVE 
Weekly Live Workshops + PREMIUM Resources 
For Ultimate Results
Check out what’s included with Outsourcing Mastery LIVE:

  6 Weeks Of  Live Outsourcing Coaching

✓  LIVE Weekly Sessions Where We Show You EXACTLY How To Outsource Your Business So You’re Making Money

✓  Get Answers To Your Questions And See Real Time
Examples Of How Top Online Marketers Profitably Outsource Their Business

✓  All Coaching Recordings Available In Your Member’s Area
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Outsourcing Mastery LIVE
 Outsourcing Mastery LIVE ALSO Includes:
 Access To Our “Inner Circle”
 Laptop Startup - FB Group
Join in to interact with our team of coaching experts, elite marketers and Laptop Startup members.
Get your questions answered, uncover new profit strategies, network and form valuable partnerships.
This is a dynamic community that will show you exactly what’s working RIGHT now in online marketing.
Premium Outsourcing Blueprints
 Access even more Outsourcing blueprints, and how to use them in YOUR business. See how to outsource different tasks within your business for next to nothing. Access step by step process sheets that you can share with your Outsourcer so they immediately know what needs to be done.
 Copy Paste Questionnaires
 We include questionnaires that help you find the perfect person for your task. These help you to identify the right person for the task so you can focus on maximizing profits and spending time building your business.

Once you’re able to determine what makes a good Outsourcer with these questions it becomes a breeze. Hand them the Outsourcing Blueprints and they’ll start immediately pushing your business forward. With these resources you’ll be able to make higher profits, for much less effort.
Your Income In ANY Niche
Outsourcing Mastery LIVE works in ANY market.

No matter where you are now, when you successfully apply Outsourcing Mastery to your strategy, you’ll see a HUGE boost in productivity as well as short term AND long term increases in profit. 
Complete Beginners
Outsourcing Mastery gives you a shortcut to automating your business saving you time, while making you money … zero experience required!
Intermediate / Advanced Marketers
Scale your income faster & tap into new niches with our custom training that shows how to completely unplug from the time consuming and repetitive tasks.
List Builders
See how easy it is to Outsource traffic creation and even get high converting
Opt-in pages and offers done for you for next to nothing.
Affiliate Marketers
Triple your commissions practically overnight by refining your promo strategy to put the most possible profits in your pocket
Product Vendors
Attract qualified, 100% free affiliate traffic to your offers stream lining your sales strategy while freeing up your time to focus on the most important tasks within your business.
eCommerce Marketers
Maximize ROI and average customer value Outsourcing both every day repetitive tasks. Find experts to help create profitable eCommerce campaigns.

Your Profit Shortcut Starts Here!
I’ve said it before: push-button profits aren’t real.
BUT … when you Outsource your everyday tasks to skilled people within your business its as close as it gets to PASSIVE INCOME.
This is YOUR chance to have myself and my
team show you how to completely automate 
your online marketing profits.
6 weeks of LIVE sessions put you on the fast track - see how to instantly apply Outsourcing to push your business forward.
Recordings of ALL  webinars you can refer  to at ANY time
BLUEPRINTS to get your Outsourcers up to speed fast boosting profits
Plus our insider hacks for maximizing profits EVERYTIME a new Outsourcer joins
Your access to Outsourcing Mastery LIVE is like having your own team of experts consulting for you for 6 straight weeks.
Nothing is better than
live training from experts
to get you results FAST. And although it’s usually VERY expensive to get live coaching …

As a Funnel Secrets LIVE customer you’re being invited to this premium training for a price so low our accountants told us we were crazy.

Your low one-time investment is completely covered by our risk-free money back guarantee. Try the program out for a full 7 days … enjoy the 1st live session on our dime … and see how we can help INSTANTLY increase your profits.

If you’re not completely thrilled, let us know and we’ll issue you a hassle-free refund. No questions asked.

Top earning marketers ALL use Outsourcing in their business.
This is your chance to skip STRAIGHT to the profits without ANY of the hassles.

We’re going to walk you through everything with the included coaching, support and resources. Show you live and in-person how to automate your business and drive you passive profits today, tomorrow, and long term.

You just need to claim YOUR access for it to happen.

This exclusive offer is ONLY available to Outsourcing Mastery customers.

But it’s only available to you right now … we’re limiting enrollment to ensure a high level of personal support to all LIVE Members.

Hit the button below so we can get started increasing YOUR sales right away.
Sam Bakker & The Laptop Startup Team
Laptop Startup
Outsourcing Mastery LIVE 
Weekly Live Workshops + PREMIUM Resources 
For Ultimate Results
Check out what’s included with Outsourcing Mastery LIVE:

  6 Weeks Of  Live Outsourcing Coaching

✓  LIVE Weekly Sessions Where We Show You EXACTLY How To Outsource Your Business So You’re Making Money

✓  Get Answers To Your Questions And See Real Time
Examples Of How Top Online Marketers Profitably Outsource Their Business

✓  All Coaching Recordings Available In Your Member’s Area
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