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Hey it’s Sam Bakker here
to welcome you to Outsourcing Mastery.

Inside I’ll show you how to grow your online business faster, cheaper and with less effort.

Outsourcing Mastery will open your eyes to the REAL possibilities of outsourcing the majority of your business …for surprisingly little cost.

Of course the system only works when you apply it … which will take some trial and error to customize for your business.

But it’s worth it, because:
SUCCESSFUL Outsourcing Is The FASTEST Way Of Turning
“Broke Marketers” Into 6 & 7 Figure Success Stories
Many of the 95% of marketers that fail don’t realize how essential
outsourcing is.

By trying to do EVERYTHING, they rarely accomplish the few key things they need to make money.

Instead of making sales & profits, they get
“stuck” wasting time on tasks they could get experts
to handle … for as little as ...
$2 per hour
Outsourcing is critical 
to your business, your income, 
and your quality of life.
Top earning online marketers do things
MUCH differently than those that struggle:
Their time is spent
GROWING their business, not working inside of it
They outsource automate
& as MUCH of their
day-to-day tasks as possible
Instead of constantly learning new skills, they save time & expense by hiring experts for as little as $2 per hour
Result? More income. Better quality of life. And a sustainable business.

Because the future of your business depends SO much on successful outsourcing, I want to make it even easier for you.

With a never-before-released collection of tools & resources I’ve used to build an automated 7 figure per year online business.

These systems haven’t been shared with anyone before: not even to my private coaching students & colleagues.

Everything you’ll ever need to outsource ANY task, with all the documents and templates essential for getting it right, is inside.

You’ll make your first sale …
Your next sale …
And create a truly PASSIVE income faster than you EVER thought possible.

While eliminating any and ALL of the risks involved in outsourcing.
Great Benefits, But RISKY Business
Whenever you hire anyone - contractor or employee - there are risks involved.

You might think the biggest risk is losing a few dollars when an outsourcer doesn’t deliver what you ask for.

Sadly, that’s just a minor risk. Horror stories from marketers that outsourced INCORRECTLY include:

  • Stolen subscriber lists
  • Stolen content and ideas that have been sold to the competition
  • Fraud, identity theft and more …
The #1 rule of outsourcing is to protect your business at all costs
This involves legal documents, agreements, specific hiring practices & trial periods.

To fully protect yourself on your own, you’d need:
  • To pay a lawyer for legal documents for everyone you hire
  • To study the policies of each outsourcing platform you use
  • To research hiring practices, do background checks, and learn for yourself how to screen each person you potentially hire
This is such a huge barrier that many give up on outsourcing, even though the results are proven.

That’s why I’ve taken care of ALL of that for you, so you can build your business completely risk-free.

Plus I’m showing you over-the-shoulder EXACTLY how to get the maximum income benefits from outsourcing in the shortest possible time.
No risk.
No waiting.
Maximum profit.
Outsourcing Masterclass
Bulletproof Your Business For Risk-Free Income 
Outsourcing Masterclass both removes all risk and MAXIMIZES your profits as you grow your your business.

It’s the result of YEARS of expensive trial and error and is the EXACT system behind our 7 figure per year online company.

Use it to start increasing sales by as soon as tomorrow …

Automate up to 90% of your business for a cost so low it’ll shock you …

Enjoy more free time & an online income that keeps growing whether you’re at work or at play.

Even if you’ve NEVER hired an outsourcer before
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Outsourcing 'Fast Start' MasterClass
A Business That Builds Itself … Copy & Paste 
This PROVEN System For Hands-Free Income
Walk-Thru Video Training
See how to QUICKLY find outsourcers for your specific business in these over-the-shoulder videos.

Each section goes into EXACT detail of any outsourcing task and includes “how-to” videos so you can apply and get results instantly.

Build a “dream team” that drives you profits 24/7
DFY Hiring
Discover how to find qualified outsourcers on 10 different platforms …

Download the included job posting templates to find the PERFECT person for the job, everytime

Save time & money while getting the job done right!
 Protect Your Business & Eliminate Risk
 Download legal documents to protect your business and property

Includes Contractor Agreements & Non-Disclosure Agreements to eliminate risk whenever you hire an outsourcer
Your ROI With EFFECTIVE Outsourcing
Great outsourcers do 2 things very well for you:

  • They complete tasks as well - or better - than you could yourself
  • They pay for themselves MANY times over with the profits their work bring to your business

Inside Outsourcing Master Class, I’m going to show you how to achieve both.
By finding qualified experts that cost you as little as $2 per hour …

AND how to determine AHEAD OF TIME that the person you hire can deliver the goods.

With these 2 things, you’ll always have a great ROI …
And your income will grow on autopilot.
Fast Track YOUR Profits & Scale Faster Than Ever Before
Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, 
product vendor or both …
 Copy the EXACT system I’ve used to go from struggling marketer to one of the top-earners on JVZoo.

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, product vendor 
or both … Complete beginner or someone with an 
established online business …
Outsourcing Master Class will take
you to the next level.
Your “Hands-Free”  Virtual Assistant Strategy
Why a VA should be your 1st priority, and how to find a great one for as little as $2 per hour
  Explode Your Profits With 
The Internet’s Fastest Growing Sales Tool
Video converts better than anything else … Inside we’ll show you how to find experts to make them for you …

No technical skills needed to profit.
High Margin & Evergreen Products
Software is one of the most profitable products you can sell …

See how to find quality, low-cost developers that create products you can sell to maximize your income
Whatever Your Business, You’ll Build It FASTER 
With Outsourcing Masterclass
What to outsource & when: finding support agents, designers, copywriters, developers, VAs, videographers, animators and more
Where to find great talent, dirt cheap: 10 platforms full of experts ready
to work NOW
Hiring for the win: specific strategies to make sure the person you hire is the perfect fit for your business
Training for results: key tips and specific training guides to ensure each outsourcer delivers what you need, when you need it
Your results guarantee: using trial periods and other tactics to make sure every job is on time and on budget
Passive Scaling: specific strategies that motivate outsourcers to go “above and beyond” each time
Copy & paste process sheets: we’ve created instructional guides for the most common outsourcing tasks that you can simply hand off to anyone you hire, so they’ll know exactly how to do the job 
Documents, scripts & contracts: legal documents to protect your business, NDA contracts and job posting scripts you can download and apply to start scaling TODAY 
Your Business.
 Your Team. Your Way.
As soon as you hire more than 1 outsourcer, you have a team.
We’ll show you you EXACTLY how to MAXIMIZE your PROFITS from that team with collaboration tools that are completely passive once set up.

The other great thing about this model is you only pay when you need specific work done.

Need a webpage? Hire a designer and copywriter - ONE TIME.
Need a software developed? Hire a developer - ONE TIME.

This keeps your costs to a minimum while allowing you to grow your business at WHATEVER pace you choose.
Real World Results. From Real World Marketers.
See how in-the-trenches marketers leverage outsourcing to scale 6 and 7 figure businesses. Behind-the-scenes interviews with TOP EARNERS show you exactly how you can copy their results:

You’ll be able to easily apply their methods to grow your income to levels you never dreamed possible.
Andrew Darius
is one of the top earning marketers on JVZoo.
He’s behind some of the best-selling softwares EVER
released on the platform …

While continuing to rank as one of the most powerful
affiliate marketers in our space.

Andrew goes in-depth into how to use outsourcing to DRAMATICALLY
increase profits as both an affiliate and product vendor.
Eva Bakker
is my wife & business partner.

Before we met, she ran a HIGHLY successful local marketing Social Media business.
Her expertise in outsourcing was a perfect fit for optimizing and automating my online business.

See exactly how she turned our “struggling” online venture turn into a 7 figure per year automated income … with outsourcers that cost us about $2 per hour!
Special MYSTERY Guest 
You’ll only find out who this internet marketing LEGEND is by joining us inside.

He’s behind one of the most successful platforms in the industry - used DAILY by both buyers and sellers of digital products.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the EXACT ways he’s used outsourcing to build a thriving online business.
Fast Start & Scaling Methods You Won’t Find Anywhere Else
Making that “first sale” can be the hardest thing in online marketing.
It doesn’t have to be.

Turning a single sale into recurring income? Seems impossible for many.
It doesn’t have to be.

Outsource effectively, and you can not only make that first sale …
But grow your business into a passive profit machine, risk free.

If, and ONLY if, you do it right.

Outsourcing Masterclass will show you how to drive more sales, whether you’re a complete beginner, advanced marketer, affiliate or product vendor.

With never-before-seen methods released by a 7-figure online marketer.

You’ll get every shortcut, trick and tip in the book - to save you time, and make you money. Guaranteed.
The OutSourcing Masterclass 30 Day
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
Secure your access now and take advantage of all the resources inside Outsourcing Masterclass for the next 30 days.

See for yourself how easy, cheap - and even FUN - it is to find experts to help build your business for you.
Use the included documents to both protect your business and ensure you get the right person for the job, every single time.

If for any reason in the next 30 days you’re not thrilled with the results of this time-tested system, just let us know. We’ll send you a prompt and courteous refund.

Now’s the time for you to start automating your business.
Use OTHER people to build your income FOR your … for pennies on the dollar.

Everything you need to do that fast - and completely risk free - is inside.

Grab your copy of Outsourcing Masterclass now and let’s make it happen together.
    Sam Bakker
Outsourcing Masterclass
Bulletproof Your Business For Risk-Free Income 
Outsourcing Masterclass both removes all risk and MAXIMIZES your profits as you grow your your business.

It’s the result of YEARS of expensive trial and error and is the EXACT system behind our 7 figure per year online company.

Use it to start increasing sales by as soon as tomorrow …

Automate up to 90% of your business for a cost so low it’ll shock you …

Enjoy more free time & an online income that keeps growing whether you’re at work or at play.

Even if you’ve NEVER hired an outsourcer before
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