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Look, while many out there will talk about how it is possible to become an online marketer without a website, membership website or a blog, the absolute best investment that I ever made in my business was investing money in a ‘web automation software’.

In the next couple of minutes I’d like to show you about
the quickest way you can build and run a successful long-term business online
then offer you this high quality ‘Automation’ software at a highly discounted fee.
Here's the thing: It's virtually impossible
to run a long-term business if you do not have a space to create, build and host your pages.
Every marketer that says you can make do without creating these is simply lying. Building your own pages or paying someone a low amount to build pages using a software like this for you lets your content appear and stay online. 
This allows you to maximize profits
during launches, promotions, and make on-going sales of products in the long term.

Let’s say you don’t yet have a subscriber list, but you have an idea for a product you can create and sell. In order to become a seller of products, you must be able to create a sales page.
Let me give you an
This page right here that you’re on and all of the pages you’ve seen for the launch of Outsourcing Mastery including the membership website we used iGloo for every one of them. Why? Because if we hadn’t of used iGloo it’s likely that we would have had to fork out high monthly fees for a comparable builder or have a designer then developer code each page for a minimum cost of $300 each one.
Here’s another example:
many people sell the dream of how
you can be an affiliate of products if 
all you have is a list and a good product to promote.
Sure, you might make some sales if you simply promote the sales page of the seller, but the disconnect between your subscribers reading your email to them clicking through and finding a different person on the sales page diminishes your chances of sales significantly.
You haven’t had a chance to warm up your audience, and sent them directly to the hard sell! In this situation,
we create what is called a
​​​​You lead your
SUBSCRIBERS to a page 
created by you to give your visitors your own thoughts about the product, offer some information about the product and propose some valuable bonuses if they get access.
The chances of your subscriber then clicking through to the sales page and buying from there increase ten fold.
Previously you’d have to pay a developer lots of money to set up a system that would allow you to do this.
This software allows you to generate recurring income much faster and easier. 
Now these strategies are not secrets.
There is one problem however that affects all internet marketers – even those that know about these strategies. 
And that is finding the right tools.
You obviously don’t want to waste money on a dud. But you don’t know if the latest tool really is going to help you.

One of the most crucial tools when it comes to online marketing
is having a world class page builder.
Period. Now, I know what you might be thinking. How is a Page Builder going to make me more money? I thought the exact same thing when I saw yet another pitch from a marketer when I was first starting out. Except as I progressed further into my education about the online way of business, I found myself thinking back to that pitch and it made more and more sense.

The old school way of doing things is just that: old school. You have to buy hosting, server space, plugins or software to have the features you essentially need in a page builder.
Not only that, but once you actually have the ability to build pages, you’re going to come up against another problem: 
HOW TO DELIVER YOUR PRODUCT with unique logins for every customer.
The idea scared me to be honest. I thought the only way I could do this was with the help of an over-priced developer.

I was wrong back then, and just like you, I was so dazzled by all the shiny things around I never stopped to ask myself “well, what do the pros use?”.
The pros, as I later found out find something that has maximum capabilities. Sure, you won’t find an autoresponder that can create and edit videos for you, but what you can find, and lucky for you, it’s on this very page: a state-of-the-art page builder.
Here's a Closer Look at iGloo
Your all-in-one solution to creating and hosting
professional looking, customized pages of all kinds.
No more headaches about how to deliver your products, protect your pages, protect your content, building pages, or how the layout should look.

Our software does this all for you and more. With the intuitive editor, it will literally take you minutes to create and set up professional looking pages and websites.
Choose From A Wide Range Of
Quality ‘High Converting’ Templates:
Customize ANY Page Or Membership Website
with our Drag ’N Drop Builder
One day you need a landing page, the next an
up-sell or maybe the following week a membership site, whatever your needs are iGloo is at hand to make website building an enjoyable experience!

Take a look at some of the incredible templates available below! 
Build & Customize Complete
Membership Websites In Minutes:
Not only are you getting unlimited access to create a wide range of different pages within the iGloo Funnels but as part of this special Outsourcing Package you’re also going to get full and unlimited access to iGloo Member. 
This Software allows you to take automation to the next level and create beautiful looking membership websites in minutes that

Drip feed fresh content, then email your members to tell them about the new materials inside … giving them even MORE incentive to keep paying you month after month
Integrate your membership site with top platforms & payment processors, including:
  • WordPress
  • JVZoo
  • PayPal
  • Your OWN sales funnels
Meaning automated sales and recurring income!
Integrating with these platforms is as simple as clicking your mouse. 
We’ll even host
ALL your membership sites and pages
FOR you on our dedicated servers:
  • No extra costs ever
  • No downtime
  • No tech skills to set up
just add your domain name and your membership site will be ready to go
And THAT’S How Easy It Is To Set Up Your
Profit Membership Site!
Over The Shoulder, Step By Step Video Training Included
With iGloo You’re ALWAYS In Control
Integrating with these platforms is as easy as clicking your mouse.
It’s 1-2-3 simple 
to launch your site, collect payments, manage your subscribers AND send emails to users … for ongoing and INCREASING monthly income.

Consistent, reliable and passive monthly profits have never been easier!
With this new upgrade not only will you be able to fire your developer, web designer you can now fire your web hosting company because we hook into cloud hosting.

All you need to do is connect up your domain to our system and we’ll take care of hosting your pages, or complete websites for you when you build them within iGloo.
Each function: 
both the ability to build pages and capabilities
will set you back hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month if you were to purchase the better ones on the market right now. The problem is, we don’t know every single one out there, and we can’t tell you if your investment in those will have all the necessary capabilities to build only the pages you need, so you can spend less time on the page building steps, because these can be very time consuming if the software is not intuitive or hard to use.
iGloo eliminates any previous need and the expenses attached to hosting your websites or paying a developer and designer to build your pages. 
 Our software does it ALL.
Whats even cooler is that when you get access to the builder today we’re going to add it into your account. 
Price Increasing In
Get Access to the Automated
iGloo App & iGloo Member
2 for 1 Special Today:
  • iGloo Funnel Builder
  • iGloo Membership Builder
  • Drip Feed Content
  • Wordpress Plugin
  • Over 100 Premium Templates
  • Full Hosting For Your Pages
  • Full Hosting For Membership Pages
  • Integrated With Top Platforms
  • Fast & Easy Drag N Drop Editor
iGloo 'Automation' Bundle (iGloo Funnels + iGloo Member + Template Club)
  • iGloo Funnel Builder
  • iGloo Membership Builder
  • Drip Feed Content
  • Wordpress Plugin
  • Over 100 Premium Templates
  • Full Hosting For Your Pages
  • Full Hosting For Membership Pages
  • Integrated With Top Platforms
  • Fast & Easy Drag N Drop Editor
iGloo 'Automation' Bundle (iGloo Funnels + iGloo Member + Template Club + Updates)
You can test it out and make a decision 
before paying anything more. 
 If you decide it’s not for you then all you need to do is send us a message and we’ll cancel the next payment or refund it to you if it’s within 30 days.

You wont find a better page builder & hosting package for a price like this anywhere else. 
    Sam Bakker
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